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Recycle scrap fabric: full of ideas

The emerging spring feeds our desires for new decor. To achieve this without breaking the bank, the easy and inexpensive tip is to recycle scrap fabric! Because these textiles that we were about to throw have great potential for makeovers. The proof in pictures.
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A natural style splashback

Nature settles in the kitchen thanks to the splashback! Did you know that this decorative accessory could transform your kitchen? Here are some inspirations to bring nature into the kitchen using the splashback.
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10 wallpapers for a chic decor in black and white

A great classic in interior design, the black and white combination is a sure bet regardless of the room in which you dare. In addition to being chic, the alliance of these two colors adapts to all styles so we do not hesitate to adopt it on our walls with
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A weekend to discover the Gulf of Morbihan

We call it the small inland sea and it is part of the club of the most beautiful bays in the world. A bottleneck of only a small kilometer, between Arzon and Locmariaquer, separates it from the Atlantic Ocean which intrudes inland to Auray and even Vannes. It contains
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