In the garden, the inflatable is on the rise!

In the garden, the inflatable is on the rise!

If you want an original decoration and easy to live in your garden, it is on the inflatable that you must bet! Whether for furniture or for more important elements such as a swimming pool, the inflatable never ceases to appeal. The proof in 10 images with some possibilities available to you!

Inflatable furniture also floats

Fugu And when you want to change space, your garden furniture plays the floating card by settling directly in the swimming pool to offer you a moment of idleness very pleasant.

A chair to move

Fugu The advantage of inflatable furniture is that it inflates and deflates according to your desires! Also, you can move it wherever you want with ease. Why not carry it to the beach for more comfort at the water's edge?

A sofa on the terrace

Unconventional Paris To improvise a terrace to enjoy the outdoors, inflatable furniture is ideal because it is easy to move while being very comfortable. As for colors, its lively tones will bring style in the blink of an eye.

Special chairs for the pool

Intex Inflatable furniture is basically known for its ability to float. Know that it will be ideal to enjoy the pool in a friendly atmosphere and have fun with the children.

Pool mattresses

Intex And for sunbathing while enjoying the freshness of the water, we adopt the inflatable mattresses that will float in the pool and offer you a perfect moment of relaxation to enjoy the summer.

Casual armchairs

Maisons du monde For a relaxed atmosphere on the terrace, do not hesitate to buy inflatable armchairs that seem as comfortable as the armchairs from the inside! We multiply the colors to offer a festive atmosphere.

Original shapes

My Note Deco Know that inflatable furniture offers endless possibilities in terms of shapes. Suddenly, we can afford pear armchairs, round and wide poufs and mini poufs which can be used as a footrest or sideboard to meet all needs.

An inflatable spa

Foir'Fouille The inflatable is also very efficient and even allows you to treat yourself to a spa at home! The advantage is that you can store it during the winter season or change it easily.

An inflatable piece

Crystal Bubble How about giving yourself one more room in the garden? This is possible with the Crystal Bubble, a bubble that inflates to offer you a transparent room with a superb view of the garden.