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Interior woodwork: paints and effects

Interior woodwork: paints and effects

From parquet floors to furniture, through doors or walls, interior woodwork deserves to be maintained, renovated and decorated. The point on paintings, oils, waxes and varnishes being fully devoted to them to bring out their authenticity, charm and personality.

Satin effect

Point P Second most coveted effect: the satin aspect! If it reduces irregularities less than the matt appearance, it does, however, provide a softer and velvety finish to furniture, parquet and walls.

Brilliant effect

Point P Third of the strip, the brilliant effect. He, by his play of reflection, has the particularity of making the room appear larger and modern than it really is. In terms of resistance, it is suitable for damp rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom!

Patina effect

Maisons du Monde Skating walls or furniture is like recreating the effect of bleached or aged wood of the time. A nice way to give them a warm hue and to awaken their authenticity!

Color effect

Point P To color the wood without masking its original grain, we say yes to the special wood color shades.

Gray effect

Point P The appearance of gray wood because it has been washed out over time, it can be found using an appropriate shade. Crazy charm.

To whitewash

Point P In order to revive the authenticity of the furniture of yesteryear, we adopt the waxed finish to whitewash. Its particularity: to enhance the grain of the wood and nourish it in the process!

Stain effect

Point P Wood stain, we adopt it to protect and nourish new and old woods!

Wood effect

Point P To give a facelift to interior woodwork, we choose a wood effect paint so as not to change its natural appearance, but just to give it a second life!

Green rendering

Point P To satisfy souls who respect the environment, nourishing or renovating interior woodwork goes above all through an ecological shade or wax, which does not pollute the house!