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Workshop-style windows

Workshop-style windows

So that the workshop spirit wins over all the rooms in the house, there is one major detail that should not be forgotten: the windows! Indeed, the imposing glazing with steel finishes or painted black characterize the factory style wonderfully. If you have the soul of an artist or if you are nostalgic for those days when craftsmanship was king, here are some examples of windows to adopt at home. Back to the workshop!

An indoor glass roof to delimit the kitchen living room

Goal ### Nice tribute to the workshop style in this living room through a successful marriage of wood and metal, but also through an iron canopy which was installed between the kitchen living room. Like a transparent partition, it accentuates the luminous and spacious appearance of the workshops of yesteryear. It's hard not to succumb!

A workshop style window in the bedroom

Leroy Merlin ### Here, all the components of the decor transport us to the interiors of artists of the past: a collection of antique objects, an architect's office, metal staircase steps, a brick wall. Yes, but if these different elements stand out so well at first glance, it is above all thanks to XXL factory style glazing which gives the room brightness and character.

Large glass panes in the bathroom

Ikéa ### Large light bath in the bathroom. And for good reason ! Three large openings reminiscent of the windows of the factories of the time bring it daylight. A bias that makes us see life in a big way, enough to put yourself in the shoes of an artist at the time of relaxation.

A fully glazed workshop-style opening in the kitchen

Maisons du Monde ### Rather than relying on simple windows, this kitchen is adorned with the same extra large glass windows as those used in artisan workshops of yesteryear. The work environment of the workers inspires the color code. Gray being the shade that best characterizes it, the finishes of these large openings are painted in this tone!

Workshop windows to open onto the terrace

Home Deco Crafts Are you lucky to have a very beautiful author under the ceiling but you don't know how to exploit it? We really like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransforming an entire wall into workshop-style windows to take advantage of the view of the terrace, well installed inside.

A large glass roof to let in light

Glass roof Artist Workshop The kitchen and the dining room have been separated by a large and beautiful glass roof so that light passes through the two rooms. A great idea to reuse!

To give a loft spirit to the kitchen

Leroy Merlin Want to give your kitchen a New York loft spirit? Start by installing two large workshop style windows to illuminate and structure the room.

Bring an industrial touch to the show

Alinéa Easy to create an industrial atmosphere in the living room with an old leather sofa and wooden / metal shelves and coffee tables. The most to perfect the decor: a magnificent full-floor window in black workshop style and perfectly decorative.

To create a window wall

Maisons du Monde So that the living room is bright from floor to ceiling, we do not hesitate to install workshop style windows along the entire length of the wall. With their worn effect, these seem to have been recovered in an old factory.

Large windows with bars

Maisons du Monde If you work at home, nothing better than a bright office where you like to be. The ideal is therefore to transform the main wall into a large structured window with bars to give it a workshop style.

Large windows playing on the height

Leroy Merlin To give your kitchen the look of an artist's studio, opt for these large windows that play on the height of the wall. The plus: a blackout film covers them so as not to be seen by the neighbors, while still allowing the light to pass.

To separate the bedroom from the bathroom

Verrière Atelier Artiste Are you dreaming of a room open to the bathroom but you don't know which solution to adopt? We, we thought of the glass roof which allows to create a separation without obstructing the light.

To light up the kitchen

Dulux Valentine To make the most of the moments spent in your large and long kitchen, bet on workshop style windows that will light up the room in the blink of an eye. Your work plan then becomes a real skylight, practical for preparing meals.

Like a garden greenhouse

Maisons du Monde Another original way of adopting the glass roof that did not leave us indifferent. Here, the door of the house was removed and a half greenhouse was installed to create a small artist's studio as found in Paris