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10 pretty tablecloths not trivial

10 pretty tablecloths not trivial

Because tablecloths change the general atmosphere of the table, tablecloths are a good way to tease a little ordinary dishes. Overview of the 10 favorite models of the editorial.

A tablecloth with small patterns everywhere

Windy Hill Invitation to travel with this beautiful colorful tablecloth of ethnic inspiration. Adorned with patterns over its entire surface, it integrates perfectly with the surrounding nature.

A tablecloth that does not leave marble

H&M Home For a very chic table, don't ignore the marble effect tablecloth. Veined in black and white, this trompe l'oeil allows you to adopt this favorite material without breaking the bank.

A linen tablecloth for a chic country style

H&M Home Simple and without fuss, the table is covered with linen tablecloths to be superimposed. Its slightly crumpled appearance creates an authentic spirit at the table.

A bohemian tablecloth

Zara Home The bohemian decor resumes serving at the table for an immediate mixed effect in the dining room. With warm colors, it contrasts nicely with white dishes.

A practical tablecloth to live

La Redoute For every day, the table is covered with a coated tablecloth that can be washed with a simple sponge. The good news: there are a multitude of cool patterns that make it attractive. Our favorite, peas, big or small, they energize the table.

A versatile tablecloth

Cyrillus Flawless for this elegant and refined white tablecloth embroidered with dots on the sides. Can be associated with all styles of dishes, it is appropriate both on holidays and for every day.

The sun is shining on the table

Zara Home The influence of Brazil continues to permeate the decor. Exotic and colorful flowers print en masse on the fabrics and radiate the table at dinner time.

Patchwork tablecloth

Tsé & Tsé The creators of Tsé & Tsé never miss an opportunity to add a little color and cheerfulness to our daily lives. For the tablecloth, they chose to give it a patchwork effect by assembling several pieces of fabric with different patterns to bring it an original spirit.

The table is laid bare

Bloomingville And if today we did not put a tablecloth on the table so that it reveals its material. Suddenly, we simply set the table with white plates and transparent glasses.