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Unusual: the garden gnome takes possession of the house

Unusual: the garden gnome takes possession of the house

A few years ago, the garden gnome was considered far too kitsch and connoted to be cool. Today everything is different, gnomes and other trolls have taken possession of the house and have become much funnier than before! Small overview of creations of small sizes.


Cute sypoo Inspired by garden gnomes, these paper creations seek a place in the house. We have them everywhere to entertain our guests and scare the little ones.

Garden gnome revisited

Fabbian The garden gnome has been redesigned many times. Here the Fabbian duo, makes it much more modern with its pointed shape and its new colors. Alone or with others, we bring it into the house and it becomes a real decorative element.


Florimat We go in 2D with these felt decorations. The silhouettes of our companions in the middle of gardening work can hang on a window or be simply hung on a wire on a wall to brighten up the space.

Bling bling

Martin le coquin The trend is to shine and sparkle. Our garden gnome understood this well and for the occasion put on his best clothes. Bling bling too, the dwarf is gold! Around a festive dinner it will add a touch of humor to your table.

French dwarf

Martin le coquin Like Arnaud Montebourg and his sailor shirt, the garden gnome becomes an element of French heritage and wears the colors of made in France.

Neon pop

Martin the rascal Nanomane in the soul (collector of garden gnome), you have them all except this one? Remedy this problem, the garden gnome becomes fluorescent to stick to the trend of the moment.

Rebellious dwarf

Ottmar Hoerl Ottmar Hoerl, artist specializing in dwarfs, makes him much more aggressive. If you ever need to send a message to your neighbors, here is the solution.

At table

Starck Starck, the designer we no longer present, has also revisited the garden gnome. Here our little gnome, settles in the forest and becomes a coffee table and a duo of stools, for an original aperitif.

Son of

Vitamin urban gnome More modern evolution of the classic garden gnome, this one is version 2.0. We customize it with stickers, to make it even more adorable.