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Practical furniture and accessories in the bathroom

Practical furniture and accessories in the bathroom

You never know how to approach a bathroom. The space is often reduced and sometimes even has a completely incongruous form. Fortunately for us, the brands have understood this and have created furniture adapted to our spaces. A quick overview of the most practical furniture and accessories in the bathroom.

Small basin

Decotec Do you want to add a water point in your bathroom, but the space is limited? You need a very small vanity unit. Associated with a storage underneath it saves even more space.


Decotec The essential accessories for toilets are hidden in this piece of furniture. It is placed next to the toilet for total discretion.

A place for the towel

Decotec The towel lying around in the bathroom can quickly become annoying. The solution: a washbasin with an integrated towel holder, so that you no longer lose your towel and you know where to wipe your hands.

Super mirror

Delpha The lighting in the bathrooms is not always perfect and getting ready in the morning quickly becomes complicated. We then invest in a mirror with panel, to avoid mistakes when facing the ice.

In height

Ikea If you have a small space, do not hesitate to stack the furniture. Storage is placed above the washing machine and the toilet. Remember to arrange objects you rarely use in height.

On casters

Leroy merlin Well thought out, this small piece of furniture stands out from the rest of the block to run around the room. It then becomes a surface to put your book or phone when you are in the bath.

Hanging furniture

Prima Installation can be complicated: integration of flushing and piping in the wall ... But cleaning around toilets will only be a bad memory with this type of suspended system.

Shower outlet

Sanswiss When you get out of the shower, are you still having trouble grabbing your towel? The solution is to install a shower door that has an integrated towel holder. No more searching.

In the little corner

Villeroy Boch In a small corner, it is also possible to install a basin. They are designed for angles and easily adapt to small spaces.