In the house as in the garden, the chaise longue makes its star

In the house as in the garden, the chaise longue makes its star

To bring a glamorous and authentic style to your interior decor as in the garden, bring in a practical and comfortable chaise longue. Its elongated shape gives you a comfortable seat, ideal for reading a book or taking a nap. Contemporary, baroque or cocooning, discover 10 chaise lounges installed here and there.


To cocoon on the arrival of bad days, we adopt without delay this chaise longue in the living room. A few soft cushions, a soft blanket, and rainy afternoons will be milder.


The chaise longue is ideal in a Baroque style interior when it features pretty curves. This one, all in voluptuousness, and with the shiny black coating blends perfectly into this universe.


By the pool, you think of summer and good humor. The chaise longue therefore plays with colors like turquoise to bring a touch of pep.


In a bedroom or in a romantic atmosphere, you dream of finding a beautiful chaise longue for lounging. With its back and its curved armrest and its striped fabric, it creates the decor alone.


In a loft or in an apartment that wants to be modern, we opt instead for this chaise longue in black fabric with clean lines. It harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the decor which has bet on black and white and stainless steel.


In the garden, you can also play the simplicity by adopting a chaise longue with simple lines and natural colors. This model adapts to all desires and all styles.


In this living room, the sofa has given way to a beautiful chaise longue in super warm fabric. We love its large cushions that invite you to relax ... A detail that will not go unnoticed by your guests!


To make the room warm and cozy, we prefer a sun lounger in a natural color. You just have to install it at the end of the bed to make it a real "plus" practical.

In mirror of the sofa

When you have a large living room, you often tend to accompany the sofa with one or more armchairs. Another equally decorative alternative: install a chaise longue in front of it that has the same colors for perfect harmony. More pics