Practice temporary wallpapers!

Practice temporary wallpapers!

Lovers of change and novelty, you will love temporary wallpapers! More ecological than a sticker and more fun than a traditional wallpaper, the temporary wallpaper can be repositioned ad infinitum to meet all your decorative desires.

Graphic trend

Hygge & West No need for glue or brush thanks to the temporary wallpaper. It sticks and peels off at will to meet all your creative ideas. One day your space is adorned with graphic patterns, the next day it takes the form of an African savannah or immerses you in a bucolic atmosphere. A novelty that allows you to play fully with its decoration.

Resistant wallpaper

Hygge & West The temporary wallpaper continues to surprise you. Easy to install, repositionable thanks to its adhesive non-woven fabric, it also benefits from a large choice of colors, great resistance to tearing and is undeformable. Therefore, how not to crack!

A wide choice of wallpapers

Beach In addition to being practical, aesthetic and ecological, there is a wide choice of repositionable wallpapers. Graphic print, romantic and bucolic atmosphere, trompe l'oeil, offbeat or classic, it's up to you to choose the model that will sublimate your interior.

With a single strip on the wall

Izoa Decorate your interior with originality by choosing temporary wallpaper. It will offer you the opportunity to respond to all of your inspirations. On an entire section of the wall or just on a single strip, you can very easily and according to your desires modify the decoration of your interior.

Optical illusion effect

The Boutique du Grand Cirque Pratique, temporary wallpaper plays the trompe-l'oeil card. Once installed, it enlarges your space thanks to its playful and captivating decor. More ecological than a sticker that is thrown away once installed, the repositionable wallpaper can be stored and changed when you want.

A wallpaper to decorate my decorative objects

Chasing Paper More practical than traditional wallpaper, the repositionable printed adhesive wallpaper allows you to redecorate your unsightly objects. Dressing up your impersonal fridge, slightly outdated furniture… becomes child's play.

A good compromise with natural materials

La Boutique du Grand Cirque For fear of getting tired of a busy decoration too quickly, you preferred to cover your walls with classic wallpaper. With wall adhesives, you can, at a lower cost, give a unique style to your kitchen. Ceramic print, cement effect or wood effect… anything is possible!

Green atmosphere

Chasing Paper This year, let the artist inside you speak and bet on magnetic, removable and repositionable wallpapers. With the Chasing Paper vegetal motif wallpaper, this is now possible. Creating a fresh and tropical atmosphere in your dining room or bedroom becomes child's play.

Bucolic atmosphere

Hygge & West Who has never dreamed of reviewing all of their decor? Exit the grimly white walls, opt for the Hygge & West temporary wallpaper. Very popular during the spring and summer period, the bucolic decoration offers a refreshing and feminine style that comes at the right time.