Ikea presents its new kitchen collection

Ikea presents its new kitchen collection

Ikea has lived a great love affair with cooking for two decades now! After democratizing kitchen furniture in the 2000s, the Swedish giant continues its quest for the perfect storage system and launched its Metod range in early 2014. Combined with practicality and aesthetics, this new concept close to made-to-measure now offers the possibility of personalizing your kitchen without leaving the functional aspect aside. For the start of the 2015 school year, Ikea has once again expanded its catalog, which presents new facades, storage systems and trendy colors.

Country style

Ikea Mid-country, half-new England, the country style seduces with the warmth of its materials and its friendly atmosphere. The Swedish giant has cleverly adopted the codes as demonstrated by this harmonious set of oak and white wood. We love the work island placed in the center of the room, allowing us to cook while chatting with the guests.

Beautiful & eco-friendly

Ikea Ikea has this strength of being able to combine aesthetics and functionality: each piece of furniture and accessory has been carefully thought out by the brand's designers to be as close as possible to daily needs and our concerns for the planet. Thus, the taps of the brand are designed to save up to 40% of water, the lighting of the worktops is now done by LED, much more ecological than halogen lights! Green is beautiful!

The specialist in small spaces

Ikea Some homes have kitchens with small surfaces (sometimes less than 6m2!): Faced with this constraint, Ikea has looked into the question and now offers clever space-saving solutions: corner cupboards with turnstiles, tables and roller trolleys that can easily be moved, folding furniture… The kitchen is used to its maximum and circulation is facilitated!

Mixing genres

Ikea Why stop at a total look when you can express your personality in decoration? The Swedish giant has understood this and offers a multitude of facades, door handles, worktops and credenzas. We mix everything with personal or antique items for a warm and friendly kitchen, which looks like us!

On an oriental tune

Ikea In this fresh and modern kitchen, the simplicity of the low and wall furniture highlights the superb splashback in cement tiles. Favorite for the drip cabinet above the sink, which allows you to dry the dishes without losing space on the worktop.

Friendly cuisine

Ikea At a time when smartphones and screens of all kinds reign, the kitchen becomes a refuge where it is good to discuss, tell your day and simply exchange. By imagining a bench integrated into the central island, Ikea is reinventing the distribution of the kitchen space: a cozy seat is available to converse with ease with family and friends while preparing meals!

Factory spirit

Ikea By resizing its furniture - now closer to the ground for low furniture, and higher in height for wall furniture - Ikea is once again adapting to the constraints of modern living. No space is lost, and the layout of the kitchen is almost like made-to-measure! We love the factory / loft spirit of this pretty kitchen with black "bodbyn" facades.

Flower power

Ikea Hats off to this pretty, very feminine kitchen that brings together the essentials without overloading the space. The plants hanging on the wall above the sink form a very playful aromatic mini-garden, and the arrangement even allows the installation of a dining area!

DIY (Do it yourself) in the kitchen!

Ikea Here is a funny and creative cuisine, which proves that you can customize each Ikea element as you wish! The mural wallpaper is formed by an overlay of old newspapers, the cupboard doors have been replaced by large colored buttons while the chairs are tied with a very graphic colored ribbon. Use your imagination and express yourself!