Farrow & Ball: 4 new wallpapers with delicacy

Farrow & Ball: 4 new wallpapers with delicacy

We no longer present Farrow & Ball, their paints in shades all the more desirable than the others, their wallpapers made by hand using the superb paintings mentioned above. Now, this fall, Farrow & Ball is unveiling four new delicate wallpapers, inspired by traditional Japanese art. Each of these four new patterns is available in five colors.

Farrow & Ball Amime BP 4404

Farrow & Ball Deep green tones for this version of the Amime wallpaper, associated here with wood paneling painted in a more neutral color while subtlety.

Farrow & Ball Amime BP 4405

Farrow & Ball The dark blue version will highlight colorful details and mottled pieces.

Farrow & Ball Aranami

Farrow & Ball * Aranami * means "raging waves". This is what we find in this wallpaper which gives a feeling of fluidity.

Farrow & Ball Aranami BP 4601

Farrow & Ball Soft waves with this subtle beige of which only Farrow & Ball has the secret.

Farrow & Ball Shouchikubai

Farrow & Ball * Shouchikubai * means "apricot, bamboo and pine", elements that are part of all parties. Oriental atmosphere, flowers, trees and typically Japanese hexagonal shapes.

Farrow & Ball Shouchikubai BP 4502

Farrow & Ball A graphic rich and very bright wallpaper in this color, perfect in a room with a refined decor.

Farrow & Ball Yukutori

Farrow & Ball * Yukutori * means "birds that fly in a group". The motif of this wallpaper, stylized in a very pure way, is inspired by a Japanese technique of pen drawing, dating from the mid-twentieth century.

Farrow & Ball Yukutori BP 4303

Farrow & Ball Poetry and graphic purity. We are under the spell.

Farrow & Ball Yukutori BP 4304

Farrow & Ball A slightly darker tone for an even more striking "flock of birds".