Long live the girly wallpaper in the little girls' room!

Long live the girly wallpaper in the little girls' room!

There are fashions that are passed on from generation to generation and the girly trend among little girls is one of them! Like their mom and grandmother before them, they love little hearts, flowers, peas and poetic designs. Patterns that remain sure values, even when it comes to choosing the wallpaper for their bedroom…


Harlequin ### Many girls marvel at the tutus and ballerinas of classical dance. It is therefore no coincidence that this universe inspires wallpaper ... Here, the poetic design of an elegant dancer multiplies from top to bottom on a pink background, between lightness and tenderness. Everything to melt the budding star dancers.


Harlequin ### "When I grow up, I will have lots of handbags!" They are as tall as three apples, and yet, there are many little girls who already cultivate a certain interest in feminine accessories, pearl jewelry pretty dresses! Just for them, we gladly adopt a wallpaper like this! The key: pretty drawings of pockets and bags that follow one another on the wall to immerse us in a very girly playground.


Saint Maclou ### How about a strip of floral wallpaper to enhance your little one's room? Indeed, it is from an early age that girls melt for flowers, so no question of depriving yourself of them! Especially since the floral patterns perfectly match their world of poetry and sweetness ...


Ikéa ### In the decoration, "the princess with the pea" becomes "the princesses and the peas". And yes ! Since they are among the most cherished patterns by girls, peas are proudly displayed in their bedroom decor to infuse them with a sparkling retro touch of fantasy. This is the case with this wallpaper with large spotted polka dots which is going to be pink to be girly!