The Chalets-Hôtel de la Croix Fry: between warmth and authenticity

The Chalets-Hôtel de la Croix Fry: between warmth and authenticity

Nestled in the heart of the magnificent Manigod Valley, Isabelle Loubet-Guelpa, daughter of Marie-Ange Guelpa-Veyrat, perpetuates the Savoyard heritage of the Chalets-Hôtel de la Croix Fry in the family spirit. Indeed, the niece of Marc Veyrat modernizes today with authenticity these chalets acquired by his great grandmother. Giving free rein to her imagination and creativity, she offers nine rooms, including 6 suites, whose only watchwords are comfort, warmth and friendliness. This first alpine chalet built between two wars remains, today, one of the first host tables in France.

Enjoy in a convivial atmosphere around << la Table de Marie-Ange >>

Les Chalets de la Croix-Fry ### Formerly called the "peasants' safe" and today called "the Table of Marie-Ange", it is Isabelle's brother, Eric Guelpa, a great talented cook who continues to perpetuate the soul of his mother by generously preparing delicious meals worthy of the terroir in a most refined and warm atmosphere.

A pure moment of relaxation

Les Chalets de la Croix-Fry ### Ambassador of this mountain lifestyle, it is Marie-Ange Veyrat, mother of Isabelle, who brings a touch of modernity to the bathroom by installing balneotherapy baths to relax after a hard day of skiing.

The pleasure of a delicious snack around the fireplace

Les Chalets de la Croix-Fry ### After walking the slopes, bask in the authentic sheep skin benches in the lounge, tasting a delicious snack served in front of a magnificent traditional fireplace.

The chalets of Croix fry Room 3

Les Chalets de la Croix-Fry The bedroom, a cozy room decorated by the Guelpa family / H2 ### A true haven of softness, this cozy little nest offers a contemporary look with its natural wood tones and elegant furnishings. 'Savoyard folk art. You will enjoy pampering yourself in this large bed decorated with a soft duvet, while admiring the panoramic view of the beautiful mountains of the Manigod valley.