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Marilyn Monroe honored at the Platine Hotel!

Marilyn Monroe honored at the Platine Hotel!

Fan of Marilyn Monroe? Located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, the Platine Hôtel is made for you. The interior architects Vincent Bastie and Caroline Jost reinterpret in 46 rooms the expensive elements of this actress so much appreciated in the cinema of the 50s. An elegant and glamorous tribute as you have never seen it!

A breakfast <>

Jimmy Delpire ### The breakfast room perfectly symbolizes ** America of the 1950s **! Its checkerboard floor, its seats in green Skai and its vintage spotlights immediately take us on the set of one.

A bar with US colors

Jimmy Delpire ### Enjoy a drink in an elegant and naturally lit bar! From the carpet to the wall sconces, passing by the superb vintage furniture, an atmosphere worthy of the ** spreads.

A suite <> pimpante

Jimmy Delpire ### Looking for privacy? Fall in love with this extraordinary suite which, with its bed of red cushions and black and white polka dots, gives us a glimpse of the colors and patterns that the American star favored in his wardrobe. A romanticism guaranteed ...

A bathroom <> glitter

Jimmy Delpire ### For the sumptuous bathroom of the ****** suite, the interior designer ** Vincent Bastie ** propels us into a magical dimension. It uses an optical fiber for this, creating bright and sparkling points at the intersections of black and white squares.

A calm and refined pink bedroom

Jimmy Delpire ### ** Marilyn ** welcomes you in a pink room with calm and restful tones. Design and decorative lamps diffuse a pleasant and discreet light throughout the room.

Room <> ultra glamorous

Jimmy Delpire ### The ****** room was designed in homage to the favorite perfume of ** Marilyn **, the one and only ****. You will be captivated by the black carpets decorated with the number **** in gold which refer to the luxury universe in which this icon of beauty lived…

A spa for eternal beauty

Jimmy Delpire ### Sublime, the actress takes us to a spa with a chic and design look. The ****** proposed to you by the ** Omnisens ** institute with reference to a cult song from the film ****.

Another pink room <>

Jimmy Delpire ### In this room with pale pink and pistachio green colors, there is a large portrait of young and radiant Marilyn Monroe which overlooks the bed.

A bathroom <>

Jimmy Delpire ### You will take pleasure in blending yourself in this bathroom with black and white patterns which, with its fuchsia led lighting and transparent pop furniture, transports us directly to ** Marilyn's makeup studio **.