I want a house that smells good ... naturally!

I want a house that smells good ... naturally!

Some houses have a soul. These are the houses where you feel good, where you want to stay and come back ... And often, these are the houses that smell good. A cake baking in the oven, a crackling chimney fire, a bouquet of old roses on the chimney send the emotional brain a multitude of well-being signals ... So to give an extra soul to our cocoon, we banish chemicals and we take care of the olfactory details. Here are 10 completely natural ideas for creating small, subtly scented bubbles at home.

A branch of eucalyptus in a vase, a beneficial green fragrance

Coco rabbit If it lasts only a few days, the scent of fresh eucalyptus is a real pleasure for the whole household. Like its essential oil, eucalyptus has purifying properties, and it is even said that it knows how to keep colds and coughs at bay… So throughout the winter, it is a pleasure to regularly buy a few branches from the florist 'eucalyptus that we place throughout the house. Source: Coco rabbit

An amber apple for a Christmas scent

Sonia Buchard Do you know the amber apples? Our grandmothers loved the smell of these oranges in which they planted cloves to deodorize and perfume the house. Today, amber apples are back in fashion, especially if they are not fully covered to remain decorative. A must try this winter, also trying with clementines, grapefruits and lemons to vary the fragrances.

An infusion of cinnamon and spices

Flickr To scent the house pleasantly and naturally, a very simple technique consists of cooking spices in a large saucepan over low heat for one hour, opening the doors wide so that the perfume penetrates into all rooms. Of course, the perfume only lasts two or three days, but what a joy to have a house flavored with cinnamon, cardamom or star anise!

Simply lavender

Fleur Louis Reine, home fragrances from Antiquity, lavender leaves in its wake a delicate scent of summer, sun and Provence. In a bouquet of dried flowers, in Provençal "shuttles" or in sachets, lavender has calming and soothing properties: don't hesitate to put it in bedrooms, children's bedrooms and the bathroom… Mothproof, anti-lice and even anti-mosquito, lavender is also essential in the dressing room, where it subtly scents the linen…

A revisited potpourri, as beautiful as it is fragrant

Helloglow If the traditional potpourri quickly picks up dust, it is ideal for perfuming the house in style ... In a large jar, you put everything that is beautiful and smells good ... Cinnamon sticks, apples pine, almonds, bay leaves, cloves, dried citrus slices and voila. We open the jar from time to time, and if the fragrance fades, just shake it a little! Source: Helloglow

Lemon zest for a fresh scent

Stock up A sip of essential oil with purifying properties, the lemon peel works wonders in a closed interior. To take advantage of its delicate citrus scent, we regularly boil a few slices in the kitchen, put zest in the fridge and put some dried peels in the vacuum cleaner bag to flavor the house with each pass ...

Hyacinth bulbs for a floral fragrance

Kaboompics If they herald the arrival of spring, hyacinths will flourish in our interiors from the end of autumn. Generous, their clusters of starry flowers diffuse a very fresh plant scent, which last for several days and give a big kick in the house. We love !

Spices in the fireplace for a spicy woody fragrance

Foodshot Those lucky enough to have a fireplace already know how comforting the smell of wood can be. But have you ever tried to burn some spices to flavor the house? Depending on your taste, you can throw cardamom, cloves, coffee beans, rosemary or dried thyme into the fire…

A calamondin for a tender and sweet fragrance

Flickr Nicknamed "the indoor orange tree", the calamondin was actually born from the encounter between kumquat and mandarin. This bushy shrub spends summer outside and winter at home, in a very bright room or veranda. From March, its white flowers release a powerful scent of… orange blossom! An olfactory treat.