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Hype, modernity and urbanism at the Bikini Hotel in Berlin

Hype, modernity and urbanism at the Bikini Hotel in Berlin

A closer look at the 25 hours Bikini Hotel Berlin, one of the hippest and coolest spots in the German capital. A unique place imbued with modernity where the urban jungle spirit is combined with typical Berlin architecture. An unusual place to live with a Zen and relaxed atmosphere. Visit.

Zen and underground atmosphere inside

25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin Inside, zen and relaxed atmosphere in the common room. Customers are invited to sit on contemporary seats and sofas, mixed with Berber rugs. The goal: enjoy, relax and listen to electronic music played all day long by a DJ.

Urban jungle

25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin With an exceptional view of the Berlin Zoo and its vegetation, the rooms had to wink at this lush jungle. It's done with this atypical decoration evolving in green tones, without forgetting the hammock near the window! We hasten to try it, admire the view and feel the feeling of altitude. Watch out for those who are dizzy!

The Neni restaurant

25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin After a nap in your room in the hammock, head to the Neni restaurant, which offers dishes mixing flavors from around the world. An iconic cultural and culinary melting pot of the city of Berlin. We dream of sitting at one of its tables with a view overlooking the zoo.

The Monkey Bar

25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin Then head to the Monkey Bar to enjoy the view a little more. We love this decorative bias aiming to integrate Berlin outside inside the hotel. A certainly contemporary atmosphere that mixes cultures with an ethnic touch.

Panoramic view of Berlin

25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin The highlight of the show, the roof terrace and its 360-degree panoramic view. Long, it offers an exceptional view of Berlin.

A restaurant in the greenhouse

25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin For those who are dizzy, know that part of the Neni restaurant is covered and immersed in a greenhouse. An interior design mixing the loft / warehouse spirit and nature, for a surprising and most successful result. The most decorative: color chairs and mismatched models that color the room and break the cold side of the ubiquitous glass.

Colorful meeting rooms

25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin Imagine meeting rooms filled with colored glasses! The hotel offers various ultra modern and designer collective workspaces. A great way to color while letting in light. And after the effort, the comfort: dive into the hotel sauna, which overlooks the Berlin jungle.

A retro-futuristic work room

25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin Retro-futuristic cocoon effect in this meeting room. A very original coating mixing wooden planks and pastel colors with an optical effect.

Cozy common rooms

25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin The hotel has its own bakery where you can buy snacks and enjoy them in peace in this cozy lounge where low furniture and sofas on swings are next to the ventilation ducts on the ceiling. Berlin calling! More information on