What to do with my champagne corks?

What to do with my champagne corks?

It's time to celebrate the end of year celebrations by slashing champagne! Once the bottle is empty (and consume in moderation), remember to keep the champagne cork. Games, stamps, handles, place markers, you can't imagine everything you can do with old caps and a little imagination. The proof in pictures with these 10 DIY.

Cork mickey mouse

Idea cabin Inspired by the famous Mickey Mouse, this champagne cork mouse is simply cute. A very simple DIY to do with children at Christmas time. Source: Idea cabin

Adorable little rabbits

Pysselbolaget After the mouse, the rabbit! Same principle for a DIY always so easy to do with children. If the boys don't like pink ears, they can be painted orange, green etc ... Source: Pysselbolaget

Place brands

My most beautiful decoration Out of ideas for your Christmas Eve table? Remember to recycle your champagne corks in place labels. For a cheerful and festive effect, consider coloring them with golden domed paint. Source: My most beautiful decoration

Original magnets

In my jar Yes, you are not dreaming, the champagne corks turn into magnetic mushrooms. Don't worry, you didn't abuse champagne during the holidays! We love this DIY which accessorizes our old caps, alternating red and white on the different mushrooms. Source: In my jar

Funny stamps

Gédane Because knitting and crochet are fashionable, we take the opportunity to make a pretty red cap with funny pads. For that, follow the tutorial of our "serial crochetteuse" and make adorable stamps with your champagne corks. Source: Gédane

Drawer handles

Dollarstorecrafts Did you know? Champagne corks can be recycled very well into doorknobs and drawers. The proof in pictures with this tutorial for a chic and customized wardrobe with ease. Source: Dollarstorecrafts

Wedding place brands

Ruth Eileen Photography For your wedding, you want to impress your loved ones with a new DIY? To do this, you will need champagne bottle capsules, white spray paint and a black (or silver) marker to write the names of the guests. A somewhat meticulous exercise but worth the effort, for an exceptional result. Source: Decoration cocoon

A wall decoration

Decocrush If you have accumulated a lot of champagne corks during the holidays, we recommend the 2 DIY from the Decocrush blog for a successful wall decoration. An organizer and a small sculpture with blades of grass, all in the shape of a heart for a most girly effect! Source: Decocrush


LizzieJoeDesigns Solidly assembled and glued, champagne corks have a second life. If you are missing a few to finalize your coaster, use wine corks. The red tint of their first use will give charm to the final set. Remember to cut them well at the same height for a very even and straight rendering. Source: Etsy