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Life-changing accessories for a tidy wardrobe

Life-changing accessories for a tidy wardrobe

A basket shelf to hang in your wardrobe

La Redoute Interiors

100% space saving guaranteed with this basket-shelf to hang on the shelves of your dressing room. Towels, sweaters or storage boxes find their place to always save a little more (and effortlessly) on the storage surface of the wardrobe.

A textile wardrobe organizer to hang


You don't have to be a DIY expert to maximize your wardrobe. This seven-level textile wardrobe organizer attaches to the wardrobe rod in the blink of an eye to keep your favorite clothes and accessories visible. Its designer even thought of side pockets to keep small objects safe from disorder.

A drawer divider for a tidy closet


"Heck, where did my glasses go?" "I need them right now, now." The drawer divider makes these questions improbable… Wisely aligned in your compartmentalized and modular drawers, your glasses and other accessories are immediately identifiable.

A clothes divider for shelves


Do you want to put a spell on this pile of misplaced clothes? Attach, neither seen nor known, this clothing separator on the shelves of your dressing room and sort them to identify jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and tank tops in the blink of an eye. Make no mistake: the master of the dressing room is you!

Storage boxes to organize the dressing room

We put everything away

These storage boxes available in sizes M and L are your allies. Jewelry, scarves, socks, winter accessories, sweaters and adult size shirts can be identified in the blink of an eye thanks to the viewing window. And not to spoil anything, their taupe chevron fabric decorates the wardrobe nicely.

A multi-purpose clothes rack with hooks


This multipurpose rack from the ASTUCE range, identified by Alinéa, lives up to its name. Its 8 hooks are fixed along the body of the cabinet (or the wall) for a square dressing. Belts, scarves, scarves and accessories have to behave well.

Hanging shoe rack


Shoes are the sworn enemies of storage ... where they were. Neatly stored in their shoe rack hanging from the clothes rail (or on the door to the dressing room), they contribute to the order that now reigns in the wardrobe.

Shoe boxes


Another clever tip for a tidy wardrobe. These shoe boxes make it a point of honor to keep your shoes aligned in a row for a wardrobe worthy of a star. Practical, the transparent flap allows you to instantly identify the shoes inside the box.

Door hooks


For an even more clever and functional wardrobe, hang these colored coat hooks identified at Alinéa at the door of the dressing room. Handbag, hat, scarf, cap: everything is in place. You have become a master in the art of closet storage.