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Two-tone walls

Two-tone walls

To energize the interior by taking advantage of the walls, you had thought of color. Okay. But had you thought of combining two on the same facade? Note that horizontally, this bias allows you to create a decorative underbody effect and that vertically, it allows you to highlight a specific space. Demonstration in pictures.

Red and purple

Castorama Here, we swapped the basement look for a large red stripe which energized the walls of the purple corridor with fantasy.

Pink and white

Alinéa The little girls' room has eliminated the total pink look by preferring a more balanced look with half pink walls and the other white color!

Black and blue

Castorama If this dining room has a strong temperament, it owes it largely to the black base which gives character to the walls painted in blue.

Persimmon and green bud

Alinéa In order to surf on a vague nature and well-being, the living room has opted for a gradient of greens: khaki-colored base and upper part of the walls in bud-green color.

Red and white

Purpose The kitchen wall has been painted red with the exception of a white rectangle which highlights bright shelves.

Parma and beige

Purpose In the bedroom, an imposing purple rectangle on a cream background seems to give more volume to the headboard, as if to accentuate its effect.

Pink and white

Purpose To highlight the dressing table in the little girls' bedroom, why not delimit the space by playing with the color of the walls? On a fuchsia pink background, the favorite piece of furniture for the little ladies will stand out moreā€¦

Flashy green and white

Goal In the children's room, we dared a flashy green as a base to wake up white walls a little too wise.

Gray and white

Purpose Here, the walls have been divided in two: half green / gray, half white. What bring originality and rhythm to the room.