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The first flowers of the year

The first flowers of the year

Winter is slow to move away, still a few sleet of snow, morning frosts. However, nature is already waking up! Small panorama of the most daring flowers in this middle of spring.

First flowers of the year - Wild hyacinths

J-F. Mahé ** Wild hyacinths ** Wild hyacinths, white or blue, emerge from the ground all curly at the heart of their large, elongated leaves.

First flowers of the year - Narcissus poeticus

J-F. Mahé ** Narcissus ** White narcissus with yellow corolla and pale yellow narcissus with more intense yellow corolla hold out their petals to you to be admired, or even picked to light up your table.

First flowers of the year - Cluster Muscari

J-F. Mahé ** Muscaris ** The purple muscaris form like small bunches of grapes a few centimeters high. They often grow in groups. There are white ones, but rarer.

First flowers of the year - Myosotis

J-F. Mahé ** Forget-me-nots ** The forget-me-nots, already well supplied in leaves, reveal stems in which hang pretty little blue flowers with a yellow heart that will bloom for several weeks before seeds and sow in large quantities. A white variety and a pink variety are more difficult to establish.


J-F. Mahé ** Azalea ** White, pink, red or purple azalea is adorned with multiple flowers to the point of hiding its leaves. It's an easy to offer hotpot that you can find in all sizes at the florist or garden center in the coming season.


J-F. Mahé ** Tulips ** Simple, curly, two-tone, short or tall tulips on stems, point their well-closed petals which open in the sun and close very quickly in the evening. Wind and rain are not their friends.

First flowers of the year - Peony

J-F. Mahé ** Peony ** Ephemeral, peony, whether pink, yellow or bright red, grows visibly! It first develops its large foliage, then reveals large, very tight buds that open in a myriad of petals. A few days of full bloom and the petals fall, forming a colorful carpet on the ground.

First flowers of the year - Comfrey

J-F. Mahé ** The comfrey ** During this time, in the vegetable patch, the perennial comfrey had the time to come out of the ground, to multiply its leaves and to reveal groups of flowers of a bright blue, or light blue, or pink and white, or slightly purplish. Comfrey grows wild in slopes, its leaves used as green manure.

First flowers of the year - Lilac

J-F. Mahé ** The lilac ** Close your eyes and let yourself be overwhelmed by the sweet fragrance that escapes from the lilac flowers, whether pink, white, blue, single or double.

First flowers of the year - Tulip triumph candy

J-F. Mahé ** Tulip Triomphe Candy ** Its candy color makes it even more desirable.

First flowers of the year - Curly cummins tulips

J-F. Mahé ** Cummins Curly Tulips ** With their white lace and this little lilac color, they are the last tulips to bloom in spring.