Give a concrete effect to your furniture

Give a concrete effect to your furniture

Concrete has long seduced interior designers for its modern and minimalist look that easily finds its place in the home. And so that you can give yourself a concrete effect in a jiffy, Libéron offers a mineral coating very easy to apply. Discover in pictures how to transform your furniture.

For all supports

Libéron Note that this coating can be installed on all supports! You can apply it on wood (raw or not), laminate, melamine or mdf.

First application

Libéron Once the support has been prepared, apply the coating in a thick and even layer using a stainless steel trowel. Then let it dry for 4 hours.

Second application

Libéron Then place a dab of plaster on the trowel. Return to the entire surface by crushing the product on the edges created on the first application. Leave to dry for 1 hour.


Libéron After drying, sand the whole with very fine sandpaper (400-600).


Libéron Finish by applying the waterproofing with a brush until saturation.

The result

Libéron You obtain a mineral surface without cold effect thanks to its many shades of gray and a slightly raised texture.

Your new furniture

Libéron Thanks to this coating, your furniture takes on character like these white tables which offer a new relief for a resolutely contemporary style.

A new decorative style

Libéron The concrete effect finds its place in a contemporary interior with neutral colors. Concrete can create a shades of gray with the rest of the decor and bring out the shiny appearance of the metal for a very decorative look.