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Light scenes for the outdoors: full of ideas

Light scenes for the outdoors: full of ideas

On the horizon, the sun is setting, in the garden, the lights come on. Make way for a summer nocturnal atmosphere that resembles us, with the right choice in terms of lighting and staging as magic formula. Panorama of ideas by styles to stitch.


Truffaut ### Fancy a light that sows a change of scenery in the garden? Opt for torches in the shape of Olympic flames! They will not fail to establish a "campfire" atmosphere during your nocturnal summer evenings.


Maisons du Monde ### What if we flew to Miami… in the garden? Surrounded by bright blue, yellow, red or green furniture, it's easy to invite the chic lounge style at home!


Ikea ### The month of shooting stars declines the idea of ​​a starry sky on the terrace by hanging in the air, a farandole of luminous balls, small and large to make its owners dream.


Ikéa ### Aperitif and dinner with friends on the terrace or the balcony are more than expected in summer! On the menu: sweets and cocktails, but also colorful lighting that creates a festive mood! Just run a multicolored light chain from one end of the railing to the other and in the air, and voila…


Xanlite ### A simple luminous ribbon drawn horizontally by the pool, on the wall and above the window overlooking the garden is enough to plant an ultra-trendy, ultra-trendy night mood.


Ikéa ### When picnics and one-on-one dinners take place outside, they are lulled by soft heart-shaped lighting. Your best ally: a light garland!


Ikéa ### Outside, everything is ready to welcome guests, all that remains is to light the collection of white paper lampshades overhanging the elegantly set dining table, and poetry is created.


Ikéa ### For those who find the nocturnal decor of vacation rentals, motorhomes and mobile homes not dainty enough, it's time to get creative to infuse it with a touch of fantasy. With a yellow, pink, green and orange garland, the exterior is delineated in style.


Truffaut ### Since it is a question of lighting up the garden, it would be a shame to do without a natural setting, in total harmony with nature. We love the fluorescent Japanese footsteps that make their way in the dark.