Jardins Jardin: focus on the objects presented in the innovation competition

Jardins Jardin: focus on the objects presented in the innovation competition

Each year, designers, landscapers, architects and gardeners work on the invention and creation of objects to be installed in the city that are in perfect harmony with nature. The project area of ​​Jardins, Jardin lets them speak during an exhibition. Presentation of the 6 selected during the 2015 edition.


Lisaa To shelter from noise and looks, to sit comfortably or to store tools, this compact and aesthetic garden furniture is the ideal ally! * *

The Kilima compost bin

10 sur Dix So that it fits perfectly into the landscape, the designers of Kilima imagined a compost bin in the shape of a carnivorous plant. It's simple to be close to nature! * *

Cocott'arium, the henhouse that recycles

Cocottarium Chickens are big consumers of organic waste and prove to be a great solution to fight against food waste. With the Cocott'arium, the waste is placed in a collector, sorted and then given to the casseroles. It is then possible to pick up the eggs, reserve them and buy them online. * *

Honey stopovers

Lap Architects At the same time an autonomous object of urban furniture and vegetal points adapted to bee foraging, "Honey stopovers" recreates a floral continuity through the city. Placed against the blind gables of buildings, these hives allow the installation and development of bee populations. * *


Nut Creatives This educational project aims to offer those who wish a small piece of forest thanks to a biodegradable clay capsule in which a tree is planted. The latter can thus be installed in a house, an office and can even be buried. The plus: when they are brought together, they create a miniature urban forest. * *