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8 different uses for the garden pergola

8 different uses for the garden pergola

Support for climbing plants creating a shaded area in the garden, the pergola reveals its many facets and its different possibilities of development or use.

An arbor to protect from outside looks

Leroy Merlin An arbor on a balcony? Here's a good idea to protect yourself from prying eyes! More elegant than an all-wood partition, this green building maximizes the privacy of our piece of outdoor land so that we can enjoy it without worrying about the neighbors. Natural ingenuity.

A pergola like a relaxation area

Delamaison Offering a slightly shaded space, even devoid of climbing plants, the square version pergola attracts the desires of idleness, so why deny it! Two deckchairs, a small table and soft cushions, and voila.

A pergola as a shelter for a vegetable patch

Leroy Merlin The pergola is no longer content with climbing leaves. Between its 4 posts, it accommodates pots and planters, flowers and vegetable gardens to switch completely to "green" mode and meet the wishes of apprentice gardeners.

A pergola for lunch in the shade

La Redoute When summer is in full swing, we prefer to have lunch out of the sun. That's good ! Under this offset pergola, the place is perfectly shaded.

A pergola that creates romance in the garden

Castorama After having devoted its ivy foliage to the natural style, the pergola enters the field of romanticism and poetry by surrounding itself with delicate veils elegantly knotted.

A pergola for a seated break

Delamaison With a bench nestled between its two main columns, this pergola invites its owners to sit for a few moments in the shade to chat or doze.

A purely decorative pergola

Delamaison Planted in the middle of the garden, a fine wrought iron pergola bearing a series of roses is only there to give height to the outdoor greenery.