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10 decorative ideas to steal from Philippe Model

10 decorative ideas to steal from Philippe Model

In order to present the decorative novelties, Philippe Model has staged the decorative objects for this winter 2012-2013. We have found for you 10 ideas to prick at the stylist to create a chic and original decor at home.

Beautiful glasses for the table

LSA International To enhance your tables for elegant dinners, consider using beautiful glasses. You can choose original models that will create the decor of the table provided you opt for sober plates with white service for example.

Wallpaper to dress the cupboards

LSA International What if you gave your cupboards a very decorative look by dressing the interior? Put wallpaper or fabrics at the bottom of it to highlight the shelves and the dishes they accommodate.

A rainbow of colors

LSA International To decorate your shelves or dress the top of a chest of drawers, you can play with a rainbow of colors. For example, opt for tealight holders that will decline the color spectrum with originality and elegance.

Decorative trophies

Red cedar With the arrival of winter, animal trophies are once again in the spotlight and are installed on your walls for a winter look. You will find many models to give a rustic, contemporary or downright designer style.

A history of accumulation

Le Grand Comptoir To add a decorative touch to your table, consider playing the accumulations by multiplying pieces of the same dishes in different sizes and colors to create a coherent and decorative whole.

The profusion of materials

The wild world To stage your sofa, bet on the profusion of beautiful materials with cushions in very different fabrics, colors and patterns in order to give relief and character to your rather sober sofa.

Dress a chair

An Vert du Design Similarly, to energize a chair, you can opt for original accessories. For example, we will dress a wooden chair with a colorful plaid of very textured cushions.

Letters on the walls

Red cedar To give your walls a voice, play with decorative letters. You can install it on any wall or door surface to write small messages or the first name of your children.

Highlight everyday objects

Le Grand Comptoir Do not hesitate to display your everyday objects as works of art by installing them on a display stand. This will allow you to display your motorcycle helmet or your favorite shoes.