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Recovered ideas for decorating walls

Recovered ideas for decorating walls

Tired of your white or all-white walls? Know that by daring to turn magazine pages, plates or music scores into decorative objects, it is easy to improvise a chic and unusual wall decor. Budget side, this should cost you three times nothing, see nothing at all! Quickly, discover our mine of creative ideas to copy:

With music scores

Ikéa ### The mural recuperation is also interested in our good old sheet music. Their treble clef and their vagabond notes aligned in a row on the wall, give him a music-loving and resolutely romantic charisma. We love !

With plates

Ikea ### Our new collection of plates takes up so much space in the cupboards that it will soon have to be remedied by getting rid of the old service. But instead of making the fatal mistake, the idea to steal is to make them climb on the walls to create an extraordinary and hyper chic vertical decor.

With postcards

Ikéa ### Hang postcards, is it kitsch? It depends ! If we dared to fix them on the wall in the direction of writing rather than of the landscape, these memories of holidays could take another turn, more daring, more graphic and more surprising.

With mirrors

Castorama ### Several small mirrors are sometimes better than one. This is what this wall decor tends to tell us, having made a dozen small mirrors, an extraordinary decor with multiple reflections.

With posters of biology to hunt

Ikéa ### Over the flea markets, you have collected all kinds of posters of yesteryear: a map of geography, another of natural sciences or diagrams of biology. Good pick ! Vintage being at the heart of the trend, we are engaged in an exhibition of these finds on our walls to bring out authenticity and originality.

With pages of old manuscripts

AM.PM ### Rather than throwing away your old manuscripts, display some of their loose pages on the walls! You will see how the calligraphy letters, the diagrams of yesteryear and the excessive printing characters are brought to create a messy captivating mess ...

With magazine pages

Habitat ### We keep drawing inspiration from our library to make our facades, sensational walls! After the manuscripts and books, we tackle another reading format: magazines. Here, we tear off our favorite advertising pages before fixing them staggered vertically. The result ? Ultra stylized!

With a wooden branch

AM PM To create a bucolic and natural atmosphere in your little girl's room, install a branch of tree above her bed that you simply picked up in the garden. A very economical decoration solution!

With vinyls

Maisons du Monde Do you have old vinyl records lying around in your cellar and you don't know what to do with them? We have an idea for you! Attach them to the wall in your living room or in your dining room to give a retro look as we like.

With a card holder

AM PM What a great idea to retrieve an old card holder for practical storage in the office, in the bedroom or even in the bathroom. We slip in the books and magazines we want to highlight.

With ceiling rosettes

Leroy Merlin To make the wall decor in your living room unique, here is an idea to copy without further ado. We divert ceiling rosettes from their primary function by fixing them to the wall after having painted them in pastel or bright colors.

With cement tiles

AM PM You have recovered old cement tiles but you still have doubts about their use? Here is an idea that greatly appealed to the editorial staff: we stick them to the wall to create a headboard like no other!

With wine boxes

Maisons du Monde We all have old wine boxes lying around that we don't know what to do with. With a little paint and elbow grease, we transform them into super decorative wall shelves.

With a direction sign

AM PM On the flea markets, easy to find old signs, village or direction entrance. On the wall, they become decorative elements in their own right. Bedroom, living room, entrance, we dare everywhere without risking the wrong note!