Easter: DIY to do with children

Easter: DIY to do with children

The countdown begins ! In a few days it's Easter weekend. The ideal opportunity for you to go in search of creative activities to carry out with the family in order to keep your children patient until the time of the traditional egg hunt. Playful puppet, candy basket, girly garland or funny little chicks ... fill up with ideas with our DIY selection for young and old.

An eco-friendly rabbit-shaped basket

Sokeen Stop! Do not throw away your used plastic bottles, they could prove to be useful if you decide to start making this pretty Easter basket in the shape of a pink and white rabbit. Your kids will love it! More info on this DIY: Sokeen

A cone for treats

We are scout Easier and faster to make, you can otherwise let yourself be charmed by one of these two cones for treats to print. Small rabbit or carrot-shaped version, it's up to you! We are in any case done! More info on this DIY: We are scout

An Easter pouch to adopt

Mermag If you are the type to eat chocolate, sweet eggs and other treats at Easter, you can only succumb to the charm of this pretty felt pouch in the shape of a rabbit. More info on this DIY: Mermag

A girly garland

Fabricamania Here is an idea of ​​decoration to do with children, to put a little cheerfulness in the room of our little girls. First step: download and cut the rabbit printable. Then glue the pink pompoms to the location of the tail of each rabbit. And finally, using tape, assemble the rabbits on your string ... and that's the job. More info on this DIY: Fabricamania

Gourmet baby jars

Lolo's little decorations Much prettier than a plastic bag, we challenge you to make these little crunchy candy jars. A baby potty, gray paint, a printed rabbit, a little straw and a few small eggs… it's your turn! More info on this DIY: Lolo's little decorations

The budding egg

Stephanie tinkers Let your toddler discover the joys of gardening by offering to make this budding egg as practical as it is decorative. Once emptied and customized using a black felt pen, pour potting soil inside your egg and then sow the seeds of lawn. It only remains to wait for it to grow! More info on this DIY: Stephanie DIY

An Easter casserole to print

Creative idea With a click and a few scissors, your toddlers will quickly come to grips with these pretty little casseroles to print and make. So tempted? More info on this DIY: Creative idea

A fun felt game for Easter

Twins and crafts At the editorial office, we literally fell in love with this tic tac toe special Easter party, ideal for developing thinking for toddlers. The originality of this creation: its egg-shaped tokens! Too cute ! More info on this DIY: Twins and crafts

An egg box diverted into little chicks

Julie's Wednesdays Turning an egg box into little chicks for the holiday table, that's the great decor idea. First step, cut out and paint the compartments of your box in yellow. Assemble the two compartments using a small rectangle of white paper so that the body of the chick opens and closes in a small box. Then cut out two small triangles from yellow paper. Do the same with the orange paper, without forgetting to cut two pieces of paper in the shape of small legs. Finally, glue the beak, wings and legs, as well as the two little eyes. All you have to do is fill your container with chocolates and other sweets. More info on this DIY: Julie's Wednesdays