Small spaces: we put on the compact!

Small spaces: we put on the compact!

If you lack space, do not hesitate to group the different activities in one place by opting for compact and practical furniture. To give you ideas, we suggest you discover clever interiors!

Living room and bedroom in one room

Ikea In this studio, the living room mixes with the bedroom since the bed is actually located above the sofa thanks to a mezzanine which allows to isolate the sleeping area and save space on the whole room .

A meal table work plan

Alinéa In this small kitchen, we added a piece of furniture which allows us to add storage. It also serves as a worktop when it's time to cook and turns into a dining table at dinner time. A clever piece of furniture!

An office dining table

Alinéa In this studio, the table is installed in a storage unit and can be used as a desk during the day, as a TV stand for moments of relaxation using the computer or as a dinner table by the hour meals. All taking up very little space!

A compact bathroom

Ikea In this small bathroom, everything is concentrated to benefit from all the necessary comfort even in a small space. The sink is then small, the wall storage also serves as a mirror, very close to the shower.

A child's room for two

Espace Loggia If you don't have the room to install a room for each child, you can install your toddlers in the same room. So that they save space and take advantage of this room without the beds taking over, we opt for Murphy beds that disappear during the day.

A narrow bathroom

Ikea This small bathroom has the privilege of a bathtub but trumps the rest! We therefore think of choosing only narrow pieces of furniture which will not hinder passage. Even the sink cabinet must be in the mini version.

A kitchen with a work plan

Conforama In this already compact kitchen, the worktop also allows you to sit down to have a meal thanks to a high stool that slides under the worktop. The kitchen is then also a dining area so as not to waste space with a table.

An office in the wardrobe

Ikea If you don't have room to set up a desk in a dedicated room, find a little corner for it! You can, for example, slide it between two wardrobes and close it with a curtain so that it goes unnoticed when you are not using it.

A kitchen in a recess

Ikea Finally, know that you can take advantage of all the architectural features of your interior! Do you have a fairly large indentation? Why not install your kitchen there?

Baby evolves, his room too

Meubles Ros Notice to all expecting mothers! Here is a baby room that has it all. The furniture is compact and scalable, so it saves space and money. A boon !

Teens love it

Mariani Difficult to satisfy teenagers… However, thanks to this modular and compact bedroom signed Mariani, they will be seduced. In a minimum of space, teens benefit from an easy-going room and can even receive friends.

Compact and optimized

Compagnie des ateliers When you want to save a few square meters, you must use all the spaces and choose compact furniture. A directive skillfully followed by La Compagnie des ateliers, which brilliantly arranges the underside of the stairs.

Height play

Ikea Is your kitchen small? Are you worried about running out of space and storage? Do not be afraid ! Thanks to this kitchen offered by Ikea, you will benefit from compact furniture that exploits the heights of the room.

All-in-one furniture

Archea Ingenuity is essential with this loft bed signed Archea. Under the bed is the wardrobe while the stairs play the shelves. We love the space around the mattress which allows you to have a book or a lamp nearby. A real success.

Living cube

Till Konneker The Living Cube is an innovation that we owe to Till Konneker. This piece of furniture has plenty of storage in the small room that hides under the bed. He also plays hifi furniture, bookcases, beds!

Compact and practical

Dansani Here is a practical and compact bathroom. We love the hanging furniture that makes maintenance easier and takes advantage of all the spaces. An asset for those who have a small bathroom.

Two or more

Matthew Pauk Here is a salon that adapts to all situations. On a daily basis, it offers two seats and an integrated table. But when your guests arrive, it transforms into a three-seater sofa and reveals two additional seats and an independent living room table. A creation by Matthew Pauk which stands out as the editorial's favorite.

A classic mezzanine

Oliver supply Often, the mezzanines offer a modern or even contemporary design. Today, we invite you to discover a classic mezzanine that will give a crazy cachet to your interior, even if it is small!

Create a small space

Ikea Here you find an Ikea layout that offers not one but a multitude of good ideas for furnishing small spaces: convertible sofa, wall shelves, storage boxes, etc.