When the carpet gives style!

When the carpet gives style!

Who says carpet is not trendy? On the contrary, today she does not fail to settle in all the rooms of the house to infuse them with an original decorative note. To inspire you, we suggest you discover 10 carpets that give style to the house.

Clear carpet

Usually, we choose a dark floor that we light up with clear walls. Here, we play with contrasts in the opposite direction by offering a black wall that we come to illuminate with a very clear carpet.

From carpet to geometric patterns

So that your floor does not go unnoticed, you can bet on carpets with geometric patterns! They will come sophisticated and give character to a simple decoration in the blink of an eye.

Original carpet for an urban style

Do you think that the carpet is incompatible with an urban style in the living room or bedroom? And be aware that you will find carpets with building impressions or city maps to make your floor the essential element of your decor.

Colorful carpet

Thanks to the carpet, you will be able to bring new colors on your floor! Do you want a girly interior? You can then offer yourself a fuchsia pink carpet that will make the show in the room.

Male carpet

The carpet is also suitable for a fairly masculine style. We opt for this for a very present and graphic pattern thanks to a color contrast in black and white for example. We do not hesitate to bet on a very strong floor to give character to the purified furniture of the masculine style.

Striped carpet

Usually the stripes work very well in decoration so why not install them on the floor? You will find beautiful striped carpets that will bring a very chic style to your room if you choose dark shades.

Shade carpet

To create your decor, you will find an incredible number of shades of colors for your carpet. So do not hesitate to match the floor with the rest of your decor, for example by creating a color scheme.

From carpet to original patterns

What if you created an original style using a patterned carpet? Why not choose a star carpet that will give a girly style to a teenage bedroom for example!

Effect carpet

To create a surprise in your interior and give relief to your decoration, also think of carpets which have material effects with long pile which form a pattern on a carpet with short pile for example. The effect is new and very decorative!