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20 DIY to make your own office

20 DIY to make your own office

It's back to school, time to get back to work, and for that we absolutely need the essential OFFICE. Yes but now, why not roll up your sleeves and create the office of your dreams yourself. From modern to rustic, through colorful, here are 20 DIY that (we hope) will inspire your DIY side!

The 2 in 1 desk

BricoBistro This office table caught your eye? So roll up your sleeves and build it. It's that simple ! A chipboard sheet, a set of feet, black paint, adhesive fabric, upholstery nails and voila. Small plus not negligible: its very low cost. Source: BricoBistro

Raw spirit

Bouillon de Peinture An industrial office for 100 euros, that tells you? Four booms, a wooden board to sand bolts here, screws there and tadam: you can be proud of yourself! Source: Bouillon de Peinture


System D What woman has never dreamed of an office with integrated dressing table for multifunctional use? Well imagine that all this is possible. In order to make this little gem of creativity, you will still need a few notions of DIY. Then, you just have to follow the 7 steps to create the magic piece of furniture‚Ķ Source: Système D

Marbled trend

Ikea You like marble but refuse to empty your accounts to offer it to yourself, then this DIY is likely to make you happy. And for good reason, two trestles and an Ikea worktop can lead to real unsuspected wonders. Not to mention the marble imitation adhesive paper, the ideal trompe-l'oeil. A pleasure within everyone's reach! Source: Shake my blog

Custom graphics

Brokidée Vintage Transforming an ultra standard table into a unique desk that looks like you, are you tempted? In order to succeed in the mutation of your dreams, you will only need tape and paint. The patterns and colors depend entirely on what you want, what to create a custom model. Source: Vintage Brokidea

Classic chic

Shanty 2 Chic This retro and rustic desk is the missing piece in your home sweet home? No problem. Rather than worrying about finding it commercially, you can create it. Two bar stools and a worktop are the only materials you will need. Impressive, isn't it? Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Practical office

Peek it Magazine As you could see previously, a simple wooden board can change a lot. And here is how it can in particular transform two small drawers, initially intended only for storage, into a large office space which you will tell us about. We love ! Source: Peek it Magazine

Tart feet

Design Sponge Seeing these two playful, cheerful and modular desks, would you have imagined that these tables were completely banal at the outset? And yet! Scotch tape, paint and some inexpensive accessories made it into a superb work area. Come on, let's get started? Source: Design Sponge

Wall niche

Discover design Finding the space necessary for an office in a child's room is difficult. Fortunately, you are given the keys to get there. The solution is the niche wall desk, ideal for your toddlers. Gather, a plywood board, a saw, a drill, screws and dowels, then get started! Source: Discover design

Vintage revisited

Vert Cerise To give a second life to a classic vintage desk, you just need to repaint its tray with super flashy colors. You can opt like here for the geometric patterns, or let your imagination take over. Up to you ! Source: Cherry Green

Transparency and gold

My Glass Do you flash on this modern model? Good news, it is doable in DIY (yes yes!). Even the engravings will be created by you. You will especially need trestles, a glass tray and frosting gel. Then follow the steps carefully and you will be the proud owner of this little gem. Source: My Glass

Simplicity and efficiency

Mobel Pobel Who said that simple wooden shelves couldn't make a good desk? In any case, this DIY clearly proves the opposite. You fell in love with the concept and want to integrate it into your interior, so bring paint, three shelves, their wall fixings, and off you go! Source: Lili in Wonderland


Stéphanie Bricole You have been looking for the perfect size office for months to occupy a specific place in your home. Stop it all, DIY is THE solution! Two boxes and a wooden board will quickly make you forget your long weeks of hardship. Little more: the pleasure of building a unique piece of furniture and spending (very) reasonably. Source: Stéphanie Bricole

A palette in the office

This Lewood Farms One succumbs once again to the big trend of pallets. This time, it's the office's turn to make us crack. You make it you will need: a pallet, a wooden board, hooks and a wire rope. This foldable desk is perfect for small spaces! Source: This Lewood Farms

For young and old

Zess For this desk made with three OSB boards, nothing could be simpler: calculate the desired dimensions, assemble, glue and fix the cleats and this pretty desk will be yours. Yep! Source: Zess

Adhesive paper essential

Manuela Miro A marble desk (or other) for only ten euros, it's possible! The secret is obviously in the adhesive tape, a real blessing for the budding bricolo. Its easy and ultra-fast installation will delight all of you. Take advantage of the remaining drop to create a total look by covering accessories, like here with a pencil holder. Source: Manuela Miro


The Merry Thought Your own thing is industrial style, and an office like this would be welcome in your home. That's good, we have found for you something to brighten up your day: the wooden desk with a polished concrete worktop. Only material necessary for its creation: two trestles and a tray. Go to work ! Source: The Merry Thought

Pop metal

Welcome to Coline Although this aeronautical-inspired office may seem complex, it is actually very easy to create. For this, you will only need a wooden tray, four feet and a metal case. The rest is within the reach of each of you! A dozen steps later, the finished product will be enthroned in your home, enough to illuminate your space. Source: Welcome to Coline

100% wood

Almond-shaped eyes You may not know it, but often, a simple wooden board well placed can make a real difference. This is particularly the case for the auxiliary office, ideal for work sessions in the living room. The only prerequisite for making this little gem is knowing how to use a drill. Awesome right? Source: Almond eyes