20 ideas to make an office with trestles

20 ideas to make an office with trestles

Do you want to create a custom office? Why not bet on an architect-style trestle desk: choose the legs, a tray and you're done! To give you ideas before you start, here are 20 desks sublimated by trestles for an original and personalized style.

Modern spirit

Ikea With these metal trestles which do not have quite the same shape as the classic models, we modernize the office. Even more when you choose to mix black and white for dynamic contrast.

Old school design

Design House Stockholm Mix sleek but classic-inspired trestles with an ultra-designer glass top and you will get the perfect blend of style for a timeless office.

Original trestles

Tiptoe Because it is not only the classic trestles that can allow you to create a desk, take a look at the side of the metal legs which are fixed on your tray in an industrial way to create a desk of the most original.

A retro style

Maisons du monde Know that your trestles will not only be fixed on a simple tray but can accommodate a more mature structure like these metal trestles which support a piece of furniture with storage.

For the love of materials

Maisons du monde The advantage of trestles? They offer you an endless mix to make with the desk top. By choosing steel and glass for example, you opt for a futuristic combo.

Architect style

Maisons du monde If you feel the soul of a creative, bet on the real architect's office by opting for wood and choosing complex trestles which offer the possibility of adjusting the inclination of the table top.

Trestles 50

Paragraph By carefully choosing your wooden trestles, you can give a 50s style to your office by offering simple and refined feet. Then opt for a tray with storage.

Industrial focus

Paragraph To give a trendy touch to your office, bet on the industrial style by opting for metal trestles painted black. The ideal and then that the base is fine and that it is coupled with raw wood.

Design spirit

Conforama Conversely, if you choose thin metal trestles in a steel color, you will get a more designer look. Then mix with a white tray and a designer chair as an office armchair.

Practical trestles

La Redoute Note that the trestles are not only a decorative element, you can choose models that will be large enough to serve as storage at the desk but they will also allow you to create a custom workspace thanks to the height adjustment.

Half trestles

La Redoute To change a little style, adopt different trestles like these two models which have only one foot and which therefore require to fix the back of the desk to the wall. Originality pays for decoration!

Modern chic

La Redoute The secret of the style of this office? The interplay of materials: a wooden and leather base associated with a tempered glass top which is accessorized by a copper lamp. A winning combo.

Right angles

Habitat Please note that not all trestles are in the form of a foldable base. Here, the trestles offer a right angle that follows the layout of the platform to ensure stability but above all style!

Modern architect

Castorama To modernize the real architect's office with its tilting tray, we do not hesitate to mix the traditional wooden base with a glass tray that visually lightens the whole.

Custom trestles

Castorama The advantage of the trestle? You can decide the length of your desk by adapting the size of the tray. If you choose the latter very long, hang all the same to add a point of stability in the center with a piece of furniture or simply a third trestle.

Small spaces

Castorama And unlike the very large desk, you can choose a smaller model that will slip into a small space. The desk will then also become retractable: it will suffice to fold up the trestles and remove the tray for more space in a jiffy.

Sculpture trestles

Atylia On the design side, we can also adopt trestles that do not seem to be thanks to bold and sculptural forms like these models in metallic triangles.

DIY spirit

Leroy Merlin If you want to create a workshop corner in your interior and that it reflects the creative side of its function, the trestle is quite found and will even allow you to change the tray of your office as needed.

Trestle but not only

Leroy Merlin The original idea? Adopt a trestle for one side of the desk but lean on a bookcase or shelf on the other. Not only will you get a decorative result, but you will also create storage space.