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The color of your decor says a lot about you

The color of your decor says a lot about you

We all have a favorite color, and what we know less is that it says a lot about us. Each color has a meaning, and in decoration as elsewhere, our color choices are indicative of our personality, our character traits! A soft pink, an optimistic yellow or a deep blue sign of calm ... Tell us what color dresses your home, your walls, your sofa or other, we will tell you who you are!

Soothing blue

Farrow & Ball There is a wide range of blues: pale, turquoise, navy, indigo ... And yet each variation of this color inspires calm, dreams. Soothing, it reminds us of the sea, carries our dreams, and symbolizes peace ... If you like to put blue in your decor, you are certainly someone sensitive, serene, aspiring to inner calm. In short, a pure heart ... Did you know that in Egypt, blue brought good luck? That's all we wish you!

Pink for a feminine touch

Fly / Leroy Merlin Light or dark, with pink you undoubtedly bring a feminine touch to your interior. You like to create a reassuring and loving cocoon for your family. Powder pink, it is also a reminder of childhood, of women, with a boudoir side. Pink is an incentive for sweetness, for kindness ... If you like to put it in your decoration, you are most certainly a tender person, sometimes seductive but in any case often in a good mood and full of tenderness!

Passion red

Qumania Red, in feng-shui, is the color of energy, of passion: in short, it is a color that has temperament… probably like you! If you have red at home, you put a touch of energy, strength, and sensuality between your walls. It is a color full of duality: love and anger, courage and danger ... A fascinating color! There is no doubt that you are a warm, energetic and passionate person.

Green, natural above all

Maisons du Monde If you like green in your house, you are certainly a natural, calm, simple person. Green is a stress-relieving, Zen and refreshing color. Of course associated with nature and the plant world, it is also invigorating, and symbolizes harmony, youth and success. Modern and energetic, you are no doubt someone who is soothing and reassuring to those around you.

Pastel for sweetness

Leroy Merlin You have a tender heart, you like sweetness and cocooning? Pastel colors are for you! Soft pink, baby blue, pale gray play the sweet card at all costs! Scandinavian spirit, geometric patterns, this decor plays gently with corners, shadows and perspectives. Just like this decor, if you like pastel shades, you are gentle, without being cutesy. Delicate and nuanced. A beautiful cocktail!

Black and white, timeless

Susanna Chango / We often associate black and white with a classic decor, but we also forget that this duo can give a rock and roll look to any interior… Like this decor, you must have a Ying and Yang personality: the strength of black and the purity of white, a contrasting temperament! Do not hesitate like here to divert the codes, by associating these two colors in a child's room for example, or by creating the contrast with a girly color, like pink.

Gray, so chic!

Ikea With gray, you play the neutral card: everyone likes gray, it is a color that warms, soothes, and is just as suitable for a living room, a library as for a child's bedroom. With gray, you are on the side of security, sober and chic. You would think he is sad and yet, we lend him up to 50 shades! If you often use gray in your interior, you must be a contrasting, gentle and soothing personality

The boldness of the fluorescent

Tollens - David Cleveland / Westwing Choosing the fluorescent in your decor is showing you daring! Used by keys, it illuminates your interior with its flashy side. It also brings more heat. If you want to spice up your home with neon, play the paint card, like here with the parallel lines, or on the legs of chairs. Many neon decorative objects also play the card of neon so do not deprive yourself. Yes, you are original, and you assume it!

Why choose a color when you can be multicolored?

Poppytalk And if you wanted to explore the whole palette of colors, for a joyful explosion of colors? Because you like fantasy, you would not like to have to choose a particular color! Fortunately, no one forces you to. So as with these two examples, don't be afraid to think big: a fresco, a pretty graphic bar ... Bet on good humor with a rainbow interior!