7 ideas to enhance the living room

7 ideas to enhance the living room

7 simple decorating ideas to spice up and revitalize the living room.

A variety of cushions to brighten up the sofa

Roche Bobois ** The cushions set the tone! To bring the look to the sofa with ease, simply dress it with a farandole of cushions in various patterns and colors. In summer, we mix styles without complex to awaken a decoration that is a little too wise. **

Decorate the walls

La Redoute ** In the living room, a convivial room par excellence, white walls are to be banished. If the paintings are by far in mind when it comes to brightening up the walls, other decorative ideas are also to be taken, as here, a wall tealight holder. One can easily imagine a multifaceted mirror or even collections of objects (plates, hats, etc.) to hang on the facades. **

A beautiful carpet

Ikéa ** To sublimate the floor, you slip under the coffee table and the sofa, a nice carpet. Oriental, ethnic, classic or design style, this decorative accessory has what it takes to reinforce the character of the living room, and give a note of softness to the most convivial room of the house. **

A touch of green

Ikéa ** A mini palm, a bamboo or an olive tree: the imposing plants do not sublimate that outside. By inviting this element of greenery in the living room, you gain the pleasant feeling of a breath full of freshness. **

Curtains to cover the openings

Ikéa ** To give the living room a little privacy while playing the decorative card, we dress the windows! Thick curtains in winter, light curtains in summer: whatever they are, they are chosen in harmony with the decor of the room, be it tones or patterns. **

Storage spaces that play the deco card

La Redoute ** In addition to classic storage furniture, you can also count on clever furniture with a decorative look, in which you can discreetly store trinkets, linen or other items. Among them, there are the trunks as a coffee table or stack one on top of the other as above, the stools or poufs with chest and the storage boxes decorated with patterns, to be placed within the shelves or under the 'staircase. **